5 Faves for Newborns - 6 Months

Looking online at newborn registry lists can be overwhelming…and the reality is you really don’t need that much stuff for little ones. Here are some things that I used again and again with my kids and that I recommend to other families.


Like a little soaker tub for babies, this tub makes bath time super easy on your back.  Whether you put the tub on your counter top or on the floor, you won't need to lean over the tub!  

There's a little butt bump that keeps babe from squishing down into the water, and a cozy padded back. (Obviously never leave baby unattended in the tub!)

Bonus: no need to fill your entire tub with water for bath time.


This blanket makes swaddling safe and easy.  It has a pocket for baby's legs, which allows their legs to stay in the optimal froggy-leg position.  And the body wraps keep baby's arms snugly close to help stifle their startle reflex.  As baby grows, you can customize the level of snugness to keep babe swaddled. 


solly wrap.png


I am a huge fan of babywearing! Benefits for babies are many:

  • Helps newborns regulate their temperature/breathing/heart rate

  • Helps babies communicate hunger cues while establishing your breastfeeding relationship

  • Helps babies with secure attachment to their parents/caregivers

And there are also benefits for parents!

  • Hands-free time to cook/eat/type/whatever!

  • Newborn babies under 4 months old tend to nap for longer periods of time when being held.

I like this wrap because it’s soft, breathable, and stretchy for comfort. And the patterns are a m a z i n g!

To buy visit www.shop.sollybaby.com


I love the simple, no-tech design of this infant chair.

Sometimes you need a place to sit a baby down where they can be a part of the action but safely contained — while cooking dinner, taking a shower, gardening, or eating dinner.

This chair is easy to move, easy to clean, looks good in your house, and babies love it.

You can often find them gently-used on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist.



This is a splurge item...but it’s such an amazing stroller that I cannot leave it out!

It has a super cozy bassinet for infants to 6 months that is safe to use as your regular, in-home bassinet (you can buy a stand for the bassinet, or leave it on the ground.)

The bassinet is configured to look toward you while attached to the stroller. Once your little is ready for the rumble seat, you can have it rear-facing or forward-facing to match their needs.

It’s a breeze to push and has an ENORMOUS basket underneath…which makes it perfect for grocery runs, long park days, or picnics. The stroller is compatible with the Uppababy Mesa infant car seat sytem and can grow with your family — it can be configured for up to 3 kiddos on the same slim profile!

Look for the bassinet and stroller gently-used on the Facebook Marketplace or on Craigslist, or get discontinued colors at a steep discount. (Always purchase your infant car seat new per safety recommendations.)