I'm currently HAPPILY on MATERNITY leave from doula work in 2019.

Please contact one of my doula partners at birthassistantsofboulder.com for doula support.

we support births throughout Boulder County and the Denver metro area


Birth doulas are professionally trained in labor support, experienced in childbirth and offer physical comfort, emotional support, encouragement and wisdom before, throughout, and after birth.

Families benefit from a birth doula’s continuous reassurance, comfort, encouragement, and respect.



  1. Provide physical comfort

    • Massage or soothing touch

    • Help with breathing and relaxation techniques

    • Suggest positions or techniques for comfort and progress

  2. Provide emotional support

    • Reassurance for normality, coping ability, etc.

    • Encouragement

    • Validation of feelings

  3. Provide information

    • Supply referrels to other birth professionals

    • Answer questions with accurate information

    • Seek out information when they don’t know the answers

  4. Encourage self-determination

    • Support their clients’ goals

    • Make sure their clients understand their choices

    • Translate jargon when necessary

  5. Act as a extra pair of hands

    • Go out for food for partner

    • Get extra pillows, blankets, ice chips, water

    • Take pictures

I might be a good fit to support you as your doula if:

  • You are interested in a natural, unmedicated birth

  • You would like comprehensive education as a part of your prenatal birth care

  • You want to make sure your birth partner is also supported on your birth day

  • You want to create a peaceful and intentional birth space

  • You would like to avoid unnecessary medical interventions during pregnancy and birth

  • You would like to use alternative comfort measures, such as movement, water, rebozo, energy work, & meditation during your birth

The first step in working together is to schedule a phone and/or in-person interview to confirm that I’m the best birth doula for you!

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Birth Assistants of Boulder professional doulas

Birth Assistants of Boulder professional doulas

I am a DONA International member and Certified Birth Doula.

I am also a member of the professional doula group, Birth Assistants of Boulder. If I'm not available for your birth, I highly recommend reaching out to one of the other fabulous doulas in this group.